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Robin Hood is not Regina's happiness, move on and stop making Regal Believer about him

A couple things here.

First off, and you may want to sit down for this one because it’s going to blow your mind: I am, what most would call, A HUMAN BEING. I have this thing called a brain, a heart and a personality. All of which direct and dictate my personal preferences, taste, opinions, etc. Sadly a rude single sentence message in my askbox is not going to change that. I like OQ, I will continue to like OQ and you telling me to “move on” will not inspire me to suddenly stop feeling that way.

Secondly, dictating who and/or what makes Regina happy will also not change what actually makes her happy. Recently, what has brought Regina happiness has been Henry and Robin Hood. Plain and simple. Robin Hood is PART of Regina’s happiness. That doesn’t mean that he is her only piece of happiness; that doesn’t mean that there are not other factors included in her happiness and happy ending. But currently he’s a part of it. I’m not sure where the writers are taking this book storyline; what Regina will be asking the writer of the book for in regards to her happy ending, or how Robin will fit into the picture but what the show has shown is that he makes her happy. So fact of the matter is that yes, Robin is part of her happiness.

Last, but not least, I’m going to go ahead and assume you haven’t gone through my blog or seen further than the gifset that I’m guessing brought on this message because if you had, you’d see where my love and loyalties lie in regards to Regal Believer. And that is with Regina and Henry. Period. Regina and Henry have been and always will be my favorite relationship on the show. There are no other factors to me loving this dynamic other than them. Regina would give up her happiness ten times over for Henry and he would fight endlessly for hers (which is what my gifset was showcasing), but one of the few consistent facts the show has hammered in and cemented is that Regina and Henry are HUGE parts of each others happiness, and that will never change. Nor will my love for them.

Right now [your heart] may be causing you pain, but I promise you it will help you find something else soon enough. The one thing Henry always wanted you to find. Happiness.

When Henry said he wasn’t gonna give up on her, he meant it… happiness included.

"I know how this stuff works."

I don’t think I have anything powerful enough to counteract The Snow Queen’s magic.


But no really tho, Killian was like